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4 Tips to Achieve Clean and Tidy Facial Hair

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Nobody wants to show up looking scruffy and unmanaged. However, trying to achieve clean and tidy facial hair can be a daunting task. Maintaining clean and tidy facial hair is hard and here at NG Salon and Tonsorial in Columbus, Georgia we recognize this and are here to help!

Learn the 4 leading tips in order to achieve the clean and trim beard hair that you have always dreamed of!

Tip 1: Don’t Fear YOUR Beard

There is some sort of stigma around properly conditioning beard hair. However, once you recognize that your beard or facial hair is in need of conditioning, the quicker your facial hair will improve its look. After you wash your facial hair with shampoo don’t be afraid to use conditioner to properly moisturize it! Once you begin to moisturize your facial hair you will see a drastic improvement in how your beard looks and a reduction in itchiness! You can shop for NG’s products here. These products are highly recommended and are guaranteed to improve the quality of your hair.

Tip 2: Regularly Trim and Clean-Up your Facial Hair

Even if you are participating in no shave November, you still want to look nice and represent your beard in the best possible way. In order to do this NG Salon and Tonsorial recommend that you trim your beard with scissors one to two times a month. We recommend scissors because it is an easier way to trim the damaged or uneven hairs without getting razor happy. An electric razor can be used closer to the face to get the thin, evened out layered look that you desire. You may want to go about this process several times a month, depending on how dedicated you are to your facial hair maintenance. Schedule your tonsorial appointment now!

Tip 3: Invest in a Natural Beard Balm

Just like your skin, your hair dry’s out, especially in the winter or harsh climates. Investing in a natural beard balm could be the best decision that you make for your appearance! Here at NG Salon and Tonsorial located in Columbus, Georgia, we recommend an all-natural beard balm that is environmentally friendly. When using a beard balm like this your body, skin, and hair will ALL thank you. NG has a line of beard balms that are high quality and guaranteed to keep your whiskers looking clean and moisturized.

Tip 4: Neck Beards are Never In

No matter who you heard it from, neckbeards never make a good impression. In order to properly rid yourself of looking scruffy and unmaintained — shave the neckbeard and never look back.  Make sure to use all-natural shaving cream in order to avoid irritating skin. After you ditch the neckbeard, not only will you feel rejuvenated, you will look professional and clean-cut!

Follow These Steps to Achieve Top-Level Looks

Once you buy into facial hair maintenance you will never look back. When washing your facial hair, never forget to throw in conditioner! Regularly trimming and cleaning up your facial hair will keep it from looking untamed. Investing in an all-natural beard balm will keep your facial hair looking properly moisturized. Lastly, neckbeards are never in, getting rid of a neckbeard will instantly make your beard look more clean and tidy!

Here at NG Salon and Tonsorial, we are here to help you look AND feel your best.

Schedule with our tonsorial team TODAY!

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