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The Difference Quality Hair Products Can Make

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Did you know that using different types of hair products can make a HUGE difference in the overall outcome of your hair? Sure, the stuff at the dollar store is cheap and easily accessible, but have you ever stopped to wonder what it is you might be putting on your hair? Could you actually be damaging your tresses just by styling and washing it? Besides, are those same products actually doing a good job? 

Just because you’re going with the cheapest option, doesn’t mean it’s good for your hair … or that it offers quality styling abilities. 

Think about different price points when shopping for anything else. Would you buy the lowest level of paint for your home and expect great results? Would you buy the cheapest TV and expect it to come with the clearest results? Or, in other words, you get what you pay for. 

Just because you’re saving a buck doesn’t mean you’re doing your hair any favors. In fact, everyone’s hair is different, so yours might react differently to each ingredient. Shop around, and pay attention, so you can find the best products that work with your individual hair.

Work With Your Stylist on Finding Quality Hair Products

You should also talk closely with your stylist about what works best for your hair. While each barber or hairstylist might have their own preferred brands, they have the skinny on it all. They know which brands offer quality products, and they’re likely to give you better insight on how your hair will hold up with each ingredient. 

Talk to them about your styling goals and ask for any recommendations. They can help steer you in the right direction, as well as helping you to avoid the worst for your hair. 

In addition, by opting for products that help your hair, you might actually need fewer cuts or treatment appointments, as you’re helping improve its health on your own. 

How Much Can Quality Hair Products Matter?

Not only can salon-quality hair styling products make you look and feel your best, they’re so much healthier for your hair! Higher-end products are usually more concentrated, too, so you might be paying more, but you need less product. There’s no filler to weigh your hair down and negate the holding or conditioning power, so you actually need less product while getting better results. Not to mention they help your tresses smell and feel better in the process. Come to NG Salon and Tonsorial and we can point you in the right direction for what hair products would be best for your hair. NG Salon carries the following premier hair care brands:

We also use Olaplex in all of our chemical services to help maintain the hair’s integrity.

Use the good stuff and show your hair you care but learning the basics of what you’re putting into and on your hair each day. Consider updating your hair routine to add health and beauty back to your hair, while eliminating harsh products that can lessen strength and shine.

Ready to learn more about quality hair products? Schedule a time to meet with us today! 

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