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The Perks of a Straight Razor Shave

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Nothing beats the feeling of a great straight razor shave. Leaving you feeling fresh-faced, making you feel confident, and maybe even more manly. If you have never had a professional shave, we at NG Tonsorial are here to tell you you’re missing out! A straight razor shave is one of the most relaxing, pampering experiences you can get as a man. Plus, you get to walk away feeling relaxed and clean-shaven. 

Learn about the unique benefits of a straight razor shave and why you should consider working it into your grooming routine. 

The Safety Features of a Straight Razor Shave

Oftentimes when men hear about a straight-razor shave, they go on high alert. The thought of an open blade being near their face is stressing, and can ultimately prevent them from receiving the shave. However, this is no Sweeny Todd situation; a straight-razor shave offers a smoother, cleaner finish. Our barbers are trained professionals with years of experience. They are incredibly skilled and gentle with a razor; they have the ability to remove hair seamlessly from cheekbones, jawlines, mustache areas, and more. A straight-razor shave also reduces the risk for ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts, or razor burn.  

Straight Razors Offer a Closer, Cleaner Shave

Another perk of receiving a hand shaved experience from your local barbers at NG Salon & Tonsorial is getting a closer, cleaner shave. Our barbers know how to account for different directional growth, as well as changes in facial hair texture. Hair growth isn’t one size fits all; let a professional barber give you the Hollywood treatment where you get a close, clean shave that’s tailored to your shapes and textures. You’re getting a precise, controlled shave — enjoy the long-lasting smoothness that makes you feel and look great! 

Because you’re in the hands of the professional barbering team at NG Tonsorial, you will receive the ultimate traditional tonsorial experience. Besides, who wants to shave when they can be pampered in a comfy chair?! 

Stop putting off “trying out” this service and let yourself get pampered, haircut, shave, and all. 

Germ-Free and Environmentally Friendly

Finally, it’s time to talk about the use of our razors over disposable one use-and-toss options. These razors, even if only used a few times, can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. They collect particles on the sink and in the shower while providing a home to countless strains of germs. In contrast, straight razors are disinfected and treated with each use, so you can rest assured that excess bacteria won’t be finding its way into your skin or any shaving nicks.

Come see us for your straight razor shave. We’re highly trained in offering only the closest, safest shaves that will leave your skin softer, longer. Book your appointment today

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