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Upgrade Your Hair in 2020: Could it be Time for a New Hairstyle?

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New year, new you? The start of a New Year is often a time to implement new changes in your life, like a new hairstyle. No matter if with your work, your personal goals, or even your look. If nothing else, a new calendar date is a great excuse to do something you already wanted to try!

So stop making excuses and putting off what you want already. Instead, book your next appointment and start Pinteresting about what you want to try!

Choosing Your Next Hairstyle

Now comes the hard part, deciding what you want your new style to be. If you already have a look in mind, no problem. You’re set for the future. All you have to do is put it to action. However, if you don’t know what you want to do, only that you want to try something … the world is your oyster. Start looking online at different ideas. You can find various styles that compliment your skin tone, face shape/size, features, and more. Look at articles that discuss what look is ideal for each person and their individual features, or opt for an app that lets you actually try it before you can’t un-try it!

Free apps like Hair Makeover and InStyle (iOS) and Haircut Studio and Virtual Hairstyle (Android) allow you to upload an image of yourself and actually test out each style before you decide on it permanently. In other words, let the new look soak in before it can’t be undone!

You can also try out several different styles you’ve been considering so you can be sure you got the best one!

Don’t forget the opinion of your stylist, either. With their expertise in tow, you can get an outside opinion on what might look best on your coloring and facial structure.

Go Big or Go Home? How Much Change is “Enough” With Your Hairstyle?

While it can be fun to plan for a big change with your hair, it’s not the end-all-be-all, or even necessary at your next appointment. Small changes count as a new do, too! Don’t get caught up on doing something dramatic or extreme in your next hair design. While this might be a norm for some, it’s perfectly normal to make small updates to your hairstyle and call it good.

Decide what works for you, what you want in a new look, and then you can create a way to make it happen!

This year — the start of a new season — can mean a time of many changes to your everyday lifestyle. From daily decisions to your entire look, consider an upgrade going forward. Take your time to shop around and find the look you want, and then let us make it happen!

Our highly trained staff is standing by, ready to make your hair goals everyone’s hair goals! Make your appointment today and start dreaming of the next new you.

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