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The Difference Between Wet and Dry Haircuts

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It is always relaxing going into the salon. Dipping your head in the sink, getting your head massaged by your stylist in preparation for your hair cut — this is the type of thing men and women alike schedule weeks in advance. But, is wetting your hair down before you cut the best way to get the style of your dreams? Or is it better to cut your hair when it is dry? Knowing which of these techniques you will want to use depends on your hair texture and what style of cut you want.

The Differences Between Wet and Dry Haircuts

The difference is exactly how it sounds. But who will best qualify for each type of haircut from NG Salon will depend on many things. For instance, if you straighten your hair every day and want that crisp clean length, the wet cut may be what you are looking for. But, if you are more au natural with your style, your stylist may want to snip your hair when it’s dry. In this case, they will be able to see how it normally falls, rather than creating slight changes in the drying process.

In addition, a wet cut is recommended if your hair is naturally straight and has a fine texture. This will give you an even cut whether you are getting bangs or just a trim. A wet cut is also ideal for styles like a pixie, or if you want a cut that is all the same length. But, remember: when you get a wet cut your hair will shrink a little when it dries. 

A dry cut is normally used in a situation where the customer wears her hair natural looking, or styled with less maintenance. This way the hairstylist can snip knowing how the hair will turn or twist once dried. This method is most often seen on curly hair, as it provides the stylist the ability to cut with the pattern of the curls. Bonus take away: it’s a chance to offer your curls a more defined shape. There are also instances when a dry cut can be used to fix a problem your hair may have, one side of your hair may be thicker than the other. This way the stylist can fix your hair throughout the appointment in the event of a bad cut (yikes!). 

Is One Haircut Better Than the Other?

There isn’t an exact answer to this question. There are benefits with each, the key is to determine your needs and ideal outcome. 

However, you don’t have to decide for yourself — ask your hair-stylist! Here at NG Salon, we have professionals ready to help you. Discuss your wants and needs in a hairstyle, and let them help you find the best path to get there. 

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