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Looking for a balayage service in the Columbus, GA area? We’ve got you covered with expert colorists at NG Salon. A BIG perk to balayage hair color service is that it allows for a completely personalized and dimensional look. Because each session is custom to the client, no two services will come out looking alike. This means our stylists will focus on the client’s best features, while you the client has a one of a kind look.

After a balayage color treatment, it’s likely that you’ll be thinking your hair never looked better! That’s because the service can be tailored to your features. Meaning you’ll walk away looking your best. Because fresh and healthy-looking hair is always in style, it’s no wonder that balayage techniques have remained at the top of service lists for so many years.

Balayage also comes in seemingly endless combinations. Go bold with your look, or remain subtle. Add multiple colors or a few highlights. This style is extremely adaptable, allowing clients to pick and choose their favorites each time they visit. NG Salon and Tonsorial in Columbus, GA is ready to give you this color service today!

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Balayage FAQs

NG Salon Balayage Color Service

  • What is balayage?

    The term “balayage” is a French word meaning “to sweep or paint.” In the hair industry, it’s gone viral in recent years as hair coloring techniques have advanced. Balayage refers to hair that’s hand-painted with a brush. In general, expert hairstylists use a sweeping motion when putting color on the hair. This creates a natural, sun-colored look that’s more desirable than previous hair coloring methods.

  • Why is balayage so popular?

    Like with any hair trend, every several years new techniques and styles come into play. Balayage, however, has seen a stronger hold on the hair care market. Recent feedback has shown clients prefer the way their hair looks when it’s been hand-painted. (In contrast to older coloring methods, such as highlight caps or dip-dying.) Balayage creates a subtle, transitional look. Color dimensions are natural and flowing.

  • How is balayage performed?

    Balayage is done by hand when a stylist paints dye directly onto the hair. With various sizes and styles of brushes, the stylist will paint on the dye so that it sits in a way that’s flattering to the wearer. Stylists spend significant time training to learn new techniques. They also customize each person’s experience to best meet their facial structures, haircut/flow, and more. After an initial consultation with the customer, your expert hairstylist will mix up the hair dye, and choose appropriate brushes that compliment your hair’s length and texture. Some stylists even use multiple brushes to get the just-right look. The dye is then painted onto the hair in a pattern that looks natural and sun-kissed. In many cases, foil covers are also used to protect the hair from spreading dye to other sections, and to get a better hold on the dyed area.

  • How to book your next balayage treatment?

    If you’re ready to update your look with a balayage hair treatment from NG Salon, we’ve got you covered. Our expert stylists have years of experience in hand-dyeing and hand-painting hair. They also keep up to date with annual training and education in order to learn new techniques and creative approaches to balayage hair styling.

    Ready to get started? Book your Balayage Color Service appointment from NG Salon and Tonsorial Columbus, GA today.

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At NG Salon & Tonsorial, our professional hairstylists take your confidence in how we manage your hair very seriously. We are here to make you comfortable with your hair services and will answer any questions you may have. We have an extensively trained staff of master cosmetologists and have been serving the Columbus, Georgia area since 2007. Our salon prides itself on the consistency of hair services and treatments we provide. Whether you are seeking a new color service or considering other hair treatments we are your trusted locally-owned salon.

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