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Looking to add length to your hair without waiting for the grow-out? Hair extension services from NG Salon and Tonsorial in Columbus, GA might be the best choice for you. Professionally applied hair extensions allow you to add length to your hair, increase volume to your natural hair, temporarily try out new hairstyles, test out new hair colors without dying your natural hair, and they can be added to your hair in a simple one-time appointment.

NG Salon offers two types of hair extensions – hand-tied weft and tape-in extensions. Several factors like duration of wear, lifestyle, natural hair length, and overall health of natural hair often determine what type of extensions a client chooses. The choice is a personal preference and you can discuss your options and these factors with your NG hairstylists.

If you’re interested in learning more about our hair extension services from NG Salon, talk to your stylist or send us a message today.

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Hair Extension FAQs

Hand-Tied Weft & Tape-In Hair Extension Services

  • What are hair extensions?

    Hair extensions are artificial or natural hair pieces that are added to a client’s natural hair to increase length and volume. Extensions come in all lengths, colors, and texture, so we can match your natural hair as closely as possible. We can also work with a varied type of hair to meet your desired look when finished.

  • What types of extensions do you offer?

    Extensions are attached to your natural hair through a variety of different methods. Depending on the length and texture of your hair will determine the type of clasp or attachment used to adhere to the hair extensions to your natural hair. We commonly use hand-tied weft extensions and tape-in hair extensions.

    Hair extensions come in all styles, lengths, and textures. You can work with your stylist in order to find the best fit.

  • Who can receive hair extensions?

    Most people are good candidates to receive extensions. With so many different options, your stylist can work with you in order to find the right extension pieces that will best attach (and stay attached). Very little hair is needed in order to attach extended hairpieces.

    If you are considering adding length to your look, talk with your stylist about available options. They will help walk you through the best types of hair, including lasting time, and any care measures that should be taken.

  • What are the benefits of hair extensions?

    Hair extensions can be added for many reasons. One of the biggest requests we receive from customers is that they wish to enhance their look with long hair. That is, without the long wait of letting it grow out on its own. Extensions offer a fast way to change up your look with long hair.

    Some hair grows long but requires much time in order to lengthen out. Other hair simply doesn’t get long – or at least it seems that way.

    Hair extensions allow you to change up your look quickly and dramatically, without the wait. In the same way, you can cut your hair and achieve instant results, you can also add extensions in order to gain instant length and increase the overall volume of your natural hair.

  • How are extensions placed?

    Your expert NG hairstylist will put in your hair extensions by hand and with great care. This is a time-consuming process, as each section is tied or placed individually. Depending on the type of hair extension you choose will determine the process and time required to achieve the desired results.

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