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Find the Most Flattering Facial Hairstyle

What facial hair best suits your style? Do you have a preference based on an overall look? Or by what looks best on you personally? Believe it or not, your best facial hairstyle look comes with a combination of factors. And in order to choose your most flattering look yet, you should consider them all – and how they play into one another – so you can make your best first impression every day.

After all, how you look is something to be proud of. Put a little effort into your facial hair design to give yourself a leg up every single day. 

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What’s the Style and Texture of Your Facial Hair?

There are many types of facial hair, so take a look at yours and how it grows. Is your hair thick? Coarse? Thin? Fine? Curled or straight? What about the color? Do you have gray or white hairs that make you feel self-conscious? (Though it totally shouldn’t, rock that gray all day!) What about in comparison to the hair on your head … assuming you grow it out.

 While the latter might sound insignificant, you may want to look at how your sideburns meet your facial hair. Simply because, if they are too different in look it could cause a distraction overall. This isn’t a bad thing, just something to be aware of in case you want your barber to help blend or trim.

What’s Your Preferred Look? Ask the Experts at NG

Next, consider the ideal facial hair you would choose, with nothing holding you back. What’s the look you have always wanted?

Tell your barber or stylist and let them help you find the best combination of the above. Certain types of hair won’t fare well for certain styles of a beard or goatee, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a close compromise. 

Your barber has expert knowledge on how to best tame your facial hair. That’s what a tonsorial is all about. You may be a few good products away from your dream look. Trust their judgment, then make an informed decision on the best way to move forward with your facial hair look.

Test Out Your New Facial Hairstyle Look

Now it’s time to put your look to the test. If you want to check out wild options, consider an app or website where you can use the camera or upload an image. From there you can choose different shapes of beards or mustaches, giving you an idea of how they will look once live.

 Or, you can go bold. Grow out your facial hair and get to trimming. Ask your friends and family members how you look for outside votes. Besides, if you don’t like the outcome, shave it off and try again!

Find your best facial hair look for a great way to put your best face forward every single day. Don’t forget to seek out expert advice along the way for an added dose of self-confidence.

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