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The Hair Shaving Trend … Will You Try it?

Go bold or go home, right? That’s what this not-so-new trend is all about. It’s nothing groundbreaking, fashionistas and brave hair experimenters have been using different shaved styles for years. But now, the trend is becoming more common. More and more individuals are willing to test out shaved portions of their hair. It’s not only becoming more common, it’s becoming more socially acceptable. (If you’re into that type of thing with your style, that is.)

But first off, let’s talk about what we’re dealing with. Shaved hair trends can come in many forms. One where the wearer can personalize it to their wants and needs. There’s the obvious fashion where the entire head is shaved. But people are also getting more creative. They’re shaving part of the head – the bottom, one side, both sides, or a pattern that’s hidden depending on how the hair is styled.

This is, of course, the entire fun of it! Everyone can choose their own style and create a hairdo that works for them. As your stylist, we’ll do your best to prepare you for maintenance and care when rocking a shaved haircut. 

Choosing Your Undercut Style

If you’re scared to go bold with your shaved look, consult your hairstylist. As a trained pro, they’ll be able to walk you through the process. They can let you know how your finished look will appear, the nuances of dealing with varied hair lengths, and more. And if you’re looking for a slick design, they’ll help with that too!

Some things to keep in mind when shaving your hair:

  •  If you’re adding a design, know that you might want to schedule a touch-up sooner rather than later. As hair grows back, the overall esthetics will blur or disappear. Having a fresh cut can bring back the look and feel you originally planned for.
  •  It can be a big commitment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for it! Sure, it will take a long time for your hair to grow back. But why should that stop you?? Use it as an opportunity to try something new. To try new hairstyles as it grows, and more.
  •  Don’t fear the pale head! If your scalp has been covered in hair for some time, chances are it’s a different, lighter hue than the rest of your body. Don’t fret! Even if it’s a shock at first, the color will soon even out. Just remember to add sunscreen (a great tip for all complexions) so it doesn’t burn with too much sun exposure.

Be brave and consider all the new styles you can rock with this up-and-coming hair trend.

To find a signature look of your own, you can certainly search around. Check Pinterest, Google, Instagram, and more. You can find looks that you enjoy, and compare those who have similar looks. Head shape, hair color, and texture, etc. can all come into play. 

If you’re ready to learn more – or schedule your next haircut – contact NG Salon and Tonsorial today.