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Ask the Hair Experts: How to Care for Your Hair at Home?

We may be in desperate times when it comes to hair styling, but it does not call for desperate measures! 

At NG Salon and Tonsorial, we understand how frustrating it can be to not be able to get in your normal hair appointments as needed. We feel it too, we miss you!

To help you make it through this hump of no hair appointments at at-home hair styling, we’re here to offer some tips and tricks. Remember, you aren’t alone in this – everyone is coming out of quarantine with less than ideal hair! Put our suggestions to work and make due until we’re able to see you once again.

Check out the expert advice offered by our fearless leader, Eric Norris, master barber stylist.

Make Your Haircut Last

There is no way to slow the growth of hair. But if you maintain your normal routine of washing and hair styling, you will learn to tweak your style as your hair grows out. Remember that hair can be manipulated or trained through regular styling in a certain way and through the use of professional hair products.

Say NOOOOOO to Box Color

There is a reason over-the-counter hair color is so cheap! Most of these products are metallic-based, making it very hard to remove or lighten. Even if you are able to match your color, the professional color will not blend with the metallic properties.

More often than not, this means discoloration when professional color is applied – it could darken or changes the color’s tone.

Color correction from a reputable salon typically starts around $100 an hour, and, in some cases, can take four-six hours to reverse. Not to mention the damage you’re causing to your hair with box chemicals and the reversal process.

NG Salon also has temporary root sprays that will help tide you over.

If the idea of box color crosses your mind, just say NOOOOO!

Undo a Bad Hair Day with Hair Styling

Luckily we’re having fewer social interactions as normal. But on the days you’re still wanting to look your best, there are tricks to combating that “bad hair day” hair.

  1. Try parting your hair on the opposite side.
  2. Opt for a quick ponytail or messy bun
  3. Nothing else works? Throw on your favorite hat! (Just don’t make it a habit  or a bad hair day could turn into a bad hair day month!)
  4. Remember that regular styling helps train your hair and will lead to the best results for consistent hair that behaves.

Contact Us!

Some custom products can go a long way. Come in for temporary root spray that can conceal new growth in between color services.

“I am never far away and I want to make sure I can do everything in my power to help our customers during this time,” says owner, Eric Norris.

To get ahold of products or root spray, contact us (706) 494-2940 and we’ll schedule a custom time where we can meet you, from a safe distance, to get set up with the products you need.