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Get Pampered! Schedule Tonsorial Services Now

Now is the time to treat yo’ self to a little extra pampering. Whether you’ve had a bad day, or are in need of a good shave, or simply want to relax and enjoy your day, all of the above or a great excuse for spending some time at NG Salon and Tonsorial. We’re not your average salon or barbershop. We host the best, most skilled professionals in the business. With decades of experience and a knack for taking care of our customers, NG Salon and Tonsorial is your go-to stop for personal hygiene, hair and facial styling, high-quality products, and more.

Stop in and see us, or schedule your next service below.

NG Salon and Tonsorial is NOT just your everyday barbershop. We’re a highly prepared, trained, and certified location that’s ready to put your needs to the test. Whether you need a quick trim or are ready for a trendy haircut, if you want a close-up shave, or are ready to get rid of that excess facial hair once and for all (see ya, nose hairs!), we have the services you need.

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Available Tonsorial Services at NG in Columbus, Georgia

The very definition of tonsorial roots back to traditional barber services, such as expert haircuts, straight-razor shaves (complete with a hot towel), and more. By offering a variety of high-end barbershop services, we pride ourselves in providing the best hair and skin care services for men in the Columbus, Georgia area. Come see us for a slick modern haircut, or pamper yourself with a close shave that will leave you smoother, for longer. Not only do our tonsorial services pamper, but they also leave you relaxed and refreshed!

Available services include men’s haircuts, hot towel shaves (beard or head), beard trims, and nostril or ear waxing. Give yourself the pampering you deserve at NG’s Tonsorial services.

Yes, Men Deserve to Be Pampered, Too!

Who says pampering isn’t for men? After all, they consist of half the population. It’s high time that men start taking time to relax and take in the finer things in life. Tonsorial services are a great way to give yourself a boost of confidence … and to get great salon-esque service while you’re at it.

Kick back and relax, and let the pros take care of your every need. We’re happy to help you feel and look your best by tackling all of your tonsorial needs.

Stop telling yourself that pampering isn’t for men! Whether you’ve had a rough day of work, are going through something personal, or simply want a pick me up to get you through the week, a self-pampering is an ideal way to ease your nerves. Treat yo’ self and get a great barber service all in one!

Are you ready to take on the tonsorial service experience for yourself? Contact us today to learn more about available services, or use our online appointment service to book your next stop at NG today.