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Here’s Why Healthy Hair Process Matters

How you care for your hair MATTERS! Everything from how often (and with what) you wash your tresses, to how it’s cut, to what products you use – all of this and more affects the overall quality of your hair. Everyone has a different texture, different growth patterns, and more – how you care for them should be dependent on what you’re dealing with. And of course, your desired look.

Healthy Hair is Better Looking Hair!

Ask any hairstylist and they can tell you they can spot an unhealthy head of hair from across the room. Of course, it’s not always so obvious, but hair that’s been neglected shows its wear and tear. Avoid drawing attention for the wrong reasons and instead, look for healthier methods that can help address your hair needs early on.

In contrast, hair that’s better-taken care of shows. It has a shining glow to it, an aura of life, and bounces with each step you take. Healthy hair really does make a world of difference in appearance. It also grows faster and holds up to more destruction. These are just a few reasons we help our clients get the healthiest hair possible.

How to Get Healthier Hair, Every Step of the Way

 Talk to your hairstylist about what you can be doing to better care for your hair. We can recommend products, based on your type of hair. This includes shampoo and conditioner, hairsprays and gels, and more. Next, we’ll talk about how often you should be washing your hair, if you blow-dry, let’s talk about the best frequencies and temperatures to keep your hair safe. Not all hair was created equally, and in some cases that means avoiding certain products altogether, or spending extra time hand-twisting curls. But don’t fret! With some expert advice, we can help you create an easily repeated hair regimen at home.

Next, there’s styling – are you causing unnecessary damage to your hair with each style you try? Let’s talk about safer, less damaging ways you can keep your hair healthy for the long haul.

Opting for Your Next Hairdo

Finally, let’s discuss changing your look. The healthier your hair, the better your results will be when implementing a change. Everything from cuts, to changing color, or new braids will take better with fresh and healthy hair.

We want to help make your hair goals a reality. Let us walk you through different steps to create healthy tresses that are ready for whatever new style you may have sights on. In some cases, this may mean multiple steps or trying out interim colors until we can make it to your dream hue, but just because healthier hair is a longer process, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it! It’s a path that allows your locks to heal and adjust as you change, rather than frying out or sinking into shock with too frequent adjustments.

 To schedule your next appointment, or to learn more about how you can be better about caring for your hair, contact us today.