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Straight Razor Head Shaves

The Luxury You Didn’t Know You Were Missing 

Rocking a completely bald head is a timeless look that men have worn with pride for years. It’s a bold and stylish look that can be used to fit in with many lifestyle choices, such as remaining busy and active or living within that thick Southern heat. A bald head allows you to cool off with ease, without the worry of what your hair looks like along the way. Meanwhile, it’s also a simple haircut that can hide any receding hair, or it can simply lengthen the amount of time you’ll need between cuts.

Whatever your reason for going with straight razor head shaves, at NG Salon and Tonsorial, we’ve got you covered. As a licensed barbershop, we are well versed in close shaves, including straight razors, to achieve the smoothest look and feel possible.

Consider us for your straight shave needs today. 

How Does a Straight Head Shave Work?

There are a few steps to a proper straight razor head shaves. Talk with your tonsorialist if you have any concerns. If there is any type of length, your barber will start by cutting the hair as short as possible. This helps lead to a closer shave without adding friction and drag to the process.

Next, your head will be washed and cleaned to help remove any dead skin. This exfoliation process is pampering, but it also provides for a closer shave and cleaner finished look. Then, you’ll be topped with a hot towel to help soften the hair and open follicles.

Now it’s time for the good part: the shave. Your barber will use a high-quality gel or cream, depending on your skin type to avoid razor burn or discomfort. They’ll shave every bit of your head, following the direction of hair growth. Special detail is given to any curving areas, around the ears, and the neckline. This is a delicate process, and your barber will be as gentle as possible to ensure a safe, yet close shave.

Your barber will clean up any extra product and finish your skin with cooling or aftershave product. This, too, will depend on your skin type to see what’s more beneficial.

Finally, you can enjoy the results!

The Benefits of a Straight Razor Head Shave

Having your head shaved professionally comes with several perks. One of the biggest is a longer-lasting shave. With a straight razor, your barber is able to achieve a closer shave, therefore requiring more time before the hair grows back.

Another benefit is allowing someone else to do a difficult job. If you haven’t tried to shave your own head, know that it can be a difficult task. With so many angles and changes in directional growth, getting a clean shave yourself is all but impossible.

Look to the expert barber team at NG Salon to take care of your straight razor needs. Our staff is ready to have you looking and feeling great with a straight razor head shave.

To schedule your appointment today, head to our appointment page.